Banani International School in Zambia is seeking to fill two teaching roles in 2021.

Interested Baha’i applicants are encouraged to apply for the school year commencing January 2021.

Banani International School is a girls boarding school in the rural area of Chisamba, 70km outside of the capital city of Lusaka. It is the flagship of the Baha’i Faith in Zambia, being well known and respected throughout the country and having graduated over 600 students in its 26-year history, many of whom have gone on to careers in medicine, law, science and industry.  Staff are provided with housing which includes all services, lunches in the school dining hall and a salary which allows a reasonable standard of living in Zambia. Because of its rural location a bus runs once a month into Lusaka for major shopping but daily essentials are available in Liteta village, 2km away. 

There is an active Baha’i community on campus holding feasts and Holy Day celebrations as well as the opportunity to be involved in children’s classes, JY and study circles. The Inshindo Foundation also has a presence on campus and the opportunity to be involved in their preparation for social action (PSA) program exists during school holidays.

As these are also identified as service roles, applicants will need to be able to cover the costs of their (and their families) travel to and from Zambia, however for applicants with children subsided tuition is provided.

Role 1: One English/History or Global Perspectives teacher

The successful English applicant will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the importance of actively engaging students in their learning through the use of dramatic and creative arts. They should be able to differentiate the curriculum to cater for a range of learning styles and engage modern and up to date teaching/learning methods into the classroom including appropriate use of ICT.  The successful applicant will have 3 – 5 years teaching experience preferably in an international capacity or school.

Role 2: One Geography/Global Perspectives or Business Studies teacher.

The successful Geography applicant will be able to demonstrate experience in the use of emerging technologies in the classroom, they should be comfortable with integrating ICT into all areas of teaching and learning and have proven capacity in engaging learnings in collaborative and student lead initiatives. They should also have a strong subject knowledge and 3 – 5 years teaching experience preferably in an International capacity or school.

Both roles will require the applicant to demonstrate a history of best practice pedagogies in their teaching/learning strategies. Experience in drama/theatre/creative arts or environmental or business projects would be an advantage and familiarity with the Cambridge curriculum would be favourable viewed. However, equally important is the ability to bring a dynamic and multifaceted approach to teaching and learning within the curriculum area.

Interested applicants should hold, or be eligible for, Teaching Council of Zambia (TCZ) registration.   (see

Interested applicants are welcome to apply directly to the Principal at